4 Things to Consider for Pet Turf Installation

When installing artificial turf for your pet, unwanted odors can become a real issue if you hire a company that fails to properly address aeration, drainage, and neutralization. In the following article, we’ve rounded up 4 details to help you understand more about the process. Here are some essential things you need to take into account for pet turf installation.

Quality of Turf

All turf is not created equally. So, you’ll find that its quality ranges from feeling like plastic to synthetic fibers, which resemble natural grass. EasyTurf synthetic grass is one of the highest quality turf products for your pet, and it meets all environmental guidelines. The softer blade adds a natural look to this product.

So, before you rush to install any type of turf, take some time to research its quality to avoid future regrets. Only pet-friendly certified turf should be used for your artificial lawn. You can expect high-quality, artificial grass to last for up to 15 years.

Odor Protection

Odor is another vital consideration when installing artificial turf, especially for pet owners. It’s easy to wash away waste using a hose, but that won’t be the case if your pet urinates on artificial grass and it bonds with the turf backing. So, it’s important to make sure this doesn’t happen.

While urine penetrates the soil in natural grass, it’s a different matter when it comes to an artificial lawn. To help mitigate this problem, it’s important to hire a professional turf installer. At Ameriside, we use a layered step process to drastically curtail odor issues.

The Quality of Installation

A professional installation process ensures your artificial turf looks great and enhances its durability. Experts will install turf on your yard uniformly to avoid safety hazards like tripping. Pet owners definitely require seamless edges and proper installation to help reduce damage to their investment, especially if your pet enjoys playing rough with the yard.

Infill Quality

Artificial grass has a layer at its basement called infill, which is very important. Fake grass has two types of infill. It can come with either silica granules or crumb rubber. You can choose either option, but for pet owners, we suggest an artificial turf deodorizer as an alternative to infill. It’s also eco-friendly.

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Installing Your Pet Turf System

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