Your Beginner’s Guide for Artificial Turf Installation

It’s the dream of every homeowner to have a beautiful lawn, but it can take a lot of time and dedication to maintain natural grass. For this reason, more homeowners are opting for synthetic lawns. It might sound complex to install, but after reading this blog post you’ll see just how easy it is.

Why Choose Artificial Turf?


Artificial grass offers you the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. Once it’s installed, you won’t need to water, trim, or weed your new lawn. Artificial turf installations are actually maintenance-free.

Choosing Toxin-Free Turf

It’s a collective responsibility to ensure that we’re all mindful of our health, those around us, and our pets too. It’s important to choose high-quality turf from a reputable company. It should be a turf that is lead-free and does not contain other harmful chemicals that could be leached out by the rain.

Tools for Turf Installation

When you decide to hire a company that does artificial turf installation, it’s also important to know what tools will be required during the installation process. Generally, the tools that will be used for outdoor installations include a geotextile weed killer, a turf cutter, a Stanley knife, tape, and glue

How to Prepare the Ground for Artificial Turf

In order to achieve a level lawn of artificial grass, uneven topsoil needs to be removed before the installation begins. Ensure no materials or weeds are left under your turf.

How to Make Artificial Turf Comfortable During the Summer

During very hot days, artificial lawns can become too hot for your children or pets to play on. Temperatures on the turf can go as high as 150 degrees F. This is quite uncomfortable. This problem has to be addressed during the installation.

The solution primarily lies in the choice of materials. Selecting a lighter color of turf and infill will help keep the temperature down. You should also avoid using rubber infills.

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How Artificial Grass Tile is Installed

  1. The sand is compacted to make the ground firm enough for installation.
  2. The turf is installed with the edging down.
  3. It’s carefully unrolled.
  4. The pile should lean towards the direction of the house to give it a natural look.
  5. Edges are cut and trimmed.
  6. The turf is joined together.
  7. Finishing nails and common nails and used to pin them in place.

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