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Artificial Turf

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Artificial Turf

Ameriside offers next-generation artificial turf and synthetic grass installation. Ameriside provides the most thoroughly researched, tested, and proven synthetic grass products in the country. Ameriside uses synthetic grass products that provide the beauty of a perfectly groomed lawn yet do not require the water or regular maintenance of a natural lawn.

Our turf products are customized to meet and exceed all of your landscaping desires. Our entire product line has been UV stabilized, significantly reducing the chances of fading. Ameriside’s turf products have gone through extensive testing and are free of heavy metals guaranteeing your new addition to be safe for all of your loved ones. Beyond the obvious benefits of saving time and money. Our lawn products are free of pollens and other allergens making it a great feature for those who are unable to truly enjoy the outdoors due to allergies. So you can understand our enthusiasm when we say this is the perfect lawn for all your landscape projects.

Resort Living, artificial turf with installed putting green.


Draincore ensures adequate drainage for your synthetic turf. It came to the forefront of turf technology in replacement of stone and metal pipes. Draincore is a perforated backing that provides an additional drain system to our already perforated turf. The water will flow through this backing at a significantly higher rate than a pipe or stone drain system and is significantly easier to install.


For installation, the first step is to remove the old sod and remove 3 to 4 inches of topsoil.  After the removal of topsoil, the sprinklers are capped. We then bring in crushed aggregate and packed it down with a Vibro-plate to provide a solid base to install the turf on. The turf is allowed to rest and then cut. It is stretched out and staked down with 5″ stainless steel nails. The top surface of the turf is covered with durafil, (microban silica coated sand), lastly, the turf is brushed so the blades stand up and provide cushion and a lush look.


With a synthetic grass landscape, regular maintenance is a thing of the past! Unlike natural grass lawns, synthetic grass does not require regular watering, mowing, weeding or fertilizing. This cuts your expenses in half and gives you the freedom to enjoy your evergreen lawn with family, friends and co-workers year around. Maintenance and care of synthetic grass are simple and takes significantly less time to upkeep than any natural grass landscape. With a simple spray of water along with an occasional brush-up, your turf will look good as new! Spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time maintaining a thirsty lawn. It’s water-wise and water rebates and tax incentives are most likely available check with your water district for the current incentives available in your neighborhood.

Regular maintenance free artificial turf

What is Tiger Turf made of?

Synthetic grass that is made from polypropylene or polyethylene. Both of these materials are tough and long-lasting. Additionally, they have been U.V. stabilized for the conditions here in California. Tiger turf is sourced from TenCate Grass, the leader in yarn manufacturing. Polypropylene and polyethylene, are plastics that have uses in household items like, milk jugs, plastic bags, and yogurt containers. Both are used for potable water piping, and medical and laboratory applications. Lastly, both materials are recyclable!

Tiger Safety!

Tiger turf is made in the USA, lead-free and IPEMA certified. The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association is a non-profit membership trade association. This organization serves all playground equipment industry manufacturers and provides third-party product certification services for American public play equipment and surface materials. IPEMA promotes safety and in-depth information regarding issues affecting the playground equipment and surfacing industry. Through rigorous third-party testing, TigerTurf’s top seven products meet the requirements for the American Society for Testing Materials F1292 certification. This testing certifies each of these products achieve the criteria for G-Max (shock) in addition to the Head Injury Criterion score, which measures the impact severity quantifying the risk of head trauma.

What is Tiger Cool?

Created by Tencate, a worldwide innovator of space-age yarns for NASA and Boeing, TigerCool® yarns are engineered with heat reflective color pigments and advanced U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures. A series of solar panel tests indicate that artificial grass featuring TigerCool® technology successfully reduces turf temperatures by 30% and up to 17 degrees! That’s a difference that you can feel.

Don’t let the heat interfere with your life. TigerCool® makes any outdoor event a cool and pleasant experience. It’s perfect for any front yard, backyard, commercial property, public park, or municipality. Like all of our turf products, it’s safe for children and is pet-friendly!

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