Why are People Changing from James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding to LP SmartSide?

Regarding the best siding, homeowners always debate between James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding and LP SmartSide. Some homeowners have already even tried one option, only to switch later. So, which should you have installed on your home? Learn more about these popular siding options, including fiber cement siding cost, installation tips, and more!

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding vs. LP SmartSide

Comparing these two siding options is challenging. They’re the top competing brands on the market, and they both have loyal homeowners and home improvement experts that prefer their products. But if you get down to the nitty-gritty, there are more rave reviews for LP SmartSide.

What makes it so special, then? Here are some factors to consider when comparing these two siding options for your home…


One of the most distinctive differences between the two is what they’re made from. James Hardie is obviously made from fiber cement, while LP SmartSide is made of coated wood strands bonded with resin and zinc borate.

Both are durable, but the former falls behind for several reasons. Fiber cement siding is heavier than wood, but weighing more doesn’t necessarily equate to being more durable. In fact, this material tends to crack, especially if the installation isn’t handled properly.

On the other hand, LP SmartSide utilizes advanced methods for protection against rot, fire, pests, and more. Wood, along with zinc borate and resin, is also moisture-resistant, which makes this a superior product.


When it comes to appearance, you have a variety of options to choose from. Of course, this depends on personal preference, but more and more homeowners aim to achieve the look of real wood.
The deep cedar texture is grainy, stylish and complements any home’s exterior. This rustic aesthetic is a timeless favorite. If you prefer the look of wood over any other option, LP SmartSide is your go-to choice.

James Hardie offers the same visual appeal, but there are subtle differences regarding authenticity. They have many choices that mimic wood, but it’s less realistic than LP SmartSide’s products.

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If an eco-conscious lifestyle is important, you’ll surely want to reflect on that when making home improvement decisions. Although LP SmartSide has resins, it’s still mainly manufactured from renewable wood. Moreover, the manufacturer uses SFI-certified systems for fiber sourcing and forest management.

Installation and Costs

Lastly, let’s talk about installation and cost…

Hardie Siding has higher upfront costs. It’s definitely more pricey when compared to LP SmartSide. Add that to the installation bill, plus the measurement of your walls, and you might begin to think twice.

The Final Verdict

Considering the appearance, durability, and cost of wood and fiber cement siding, LP SmartSide siding is the clear winner. Both products have a fair share of pros and cons, but choosing a trusted brand with all the qualities you could want for your home is best.

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