Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Duralum Patio Cover

A duralum patio cover is an elegant addition that adds value to your home or backyard. The cover provides shelter, shade, and comfort when you and your family spend outside. A patio cover acts as a shading device for your home by blocking out the morning or afternoon sun. Therefore, your home will be easier to cool, and your HVAC system will be less stressed. Common materials used in patio construction include plain old wood, vinyl, and vinyl-clad aluminum. Duralum stands apart from the crowd for multiple reasons, and here are our top 3!

1. A+ Warranty and Features

You should choose Duralum for your next patio cover because of its unique combination of stunning appearance, virtually no maintenance, and lifetime warranty. Duralum boasts the best industry warranty and brings more to the table than any other brand. The warranty includes lifetime coverage of labor charges. Additionally, the warranty is transferable and will likely be the last patio cover you will ever purchase. On top of the lifetime warranty, the material has a Teflon coating that resists dirt and grime.  Duralum patio covers also have an Aluma shield coating that prevents the color from fading and will never require painting.

2. Quick and Easy Installation

In most cases, disassemble your old patio cover and install your new Duralum one in a single day! LED lighting and wiring for a ceiling fan can be designed into the components of your new patio cover to increase the beauty and practicality of the cover.

3. Pest Proof and Worry-Free

With a Duralum patio cover, you will never have to worry about dry rot or termite infestation. The embossed wood grain finish provides the beautiful look of real wood.  Vinyl-clad aluminum will protect your investment from termites and insects. You will have peace of mind knowing that your patio cover isn’t a breeding ground for termites.

duralum patio cover

Duralum Patio Covers: The Clear Winner!

Patio cover products like wood can deteriorate over time and need costly maintenance. Wood strains the environment and our resources. A tree must be chopped down with wood, and volatile paints and stains must be applied and reapplied. Vinyl-only products lack the strength of the metal. They can warp, fade, degrade, and break over time.

Duralum is sustainable and provides the best of both worlds: wood and vinyl. Contact Ameriside today for a free estimate, design ideas, and peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Installing a Duralum Patio Cover?

Duralum patio covers offer several advantages, including protection from the sun and rain, extended outdoor living space, and increased home value. They are also customizable to fit your aesthetic preferences.

Are Duralum Patio Covers Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Yes, one of the key benefits of Duralum is its low-maintenance nature. Clean with mild soap and water is sufficient to keep it looking great. It doesn’t require painting or staining.

Can The Design be Customized?

Absolutely! Duralum patio covers come in various styles, colors, and finishes, allowing you to personalize the design to match your home’s architecture and personal taste.

How Long Does a Duralum Patio Cover Typically Last?

Duralum patio covers are known for their longevity. Properly maintained, it can last for 70 years, making it a durable investment for your outdoor space.

Can I Install Lighting or Fans on my Duralum Patio Cover?

Yes, Duralum patio covers can be equipped with various accessories, including lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, to enhance your outdoor space’s functionality and ambiance.

Are Duralum Patio Covers Suitable for All Climates?

Duralum is a versatile material suitable for various climates. It performs well in hot and cold weather, making it a practical choice for different regions.


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