Backyard Privacy Ideas to Create a Secluded Oasis

backyard privacy ideas

In a world where privacy is hard to find, our homes are our last safe place. Do you feel being watched at home? Are you searching for more privacy in your living space? Have nosy neighbors become a concern? There’s a solution to enhance your home’s privacy! Making your backyard private is the way to … Read more

5 Landscape Styles: Using Patio Covers

landscape styles

Imagine a regular backyard, where you can’t do much when the weather’s bad. Now, think about putting up a patio cover in just the right spot. It changes the whole backyard into a cozy outdoor spot that you can use anytime, no matter how sunny or rainy it is. Adding a patio cover to your … Read more

Transforming Outdoor Areas with Patio Covers

Outdoor Area with Patio Covers

In their simplest form, outdoor areas with patio covers are architectural structures designed to provide shelter and shade. These versatile additions to residential properties can transform an ordinary open space into a cozy and functional extension of the home. Whether it’s a sunny day or a drizzle, patio covers offer protection from the elements, allowing … Read more

Benefits of Patio Doors on Southern California Homes

patio doors on southern california homes

Patio doors on Southern California homes, primarily large glass doors linking a home’s interior to its outdoor space, have found particular resonance. Whether sliding or the classic French variety, these doors serve as convenient entrances and exits and capitalize on the region’s abundant sunshine. In the context of Southern California, with its temperate climate and … Read more

How to Maintain and Clean Patio Covers

patio covers

Regular maintenance helps prolong the covers’ lifespan, ensuring they remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for longer. It is a must to clean patio covers regularly, you can remove dirt, debris, and stains that may accumulate over time, preventing them from causing damage to the covers. Proper maintenance and cleaning also help prevent mold and algae … Read more

3 Ideal Outdoor Patio Covers in 2020

outdoor patio covers

Many single-family homes have a patio where homeowners can relax and enjoy fresh air, even when the weather isn’t ideal. A patio cover provides shade to the area so it remains cool in hot weather. Traditionally, people have made outdoor patio covers from wood. But these covers are more likely to sustain weather damage over … Read more

Are Patio Covers Worth the Investment?

patio covers

Patios are a special outdoor gathering place for dining and recreation, but it helps to add an extra layer of protection to make them more alluring during hot or rainy months. You’re in the right place if you’ve been thinking about patio covers. What is a Patio Cover? A patio cover is an attached roof … Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Duralum Patio Cover

duralum patio cover

A duralum patio cover is an elegant addition that adds value to your home or backyard. The cover provides shelter, shade, and comfort when you and your family spend outside. A patio cover acts as a shading device for your home by blocking out the morning or afternoon sun. Therefore, your home will be easier … Read more

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