Why Vinyl Windows Installed by Ameriside Are the Perfect Choice for Homes in Newport Beach, CA & Surrounding Communities

Premium vinyl windows offer many advantages to Newport Beach, California, homeowners who wish to minimize the time required to keep their windows looking beautiful and also potentially enjoy some cost savings on their energy bills. Many vinyl windows on the market today can be customized for color and simulated woodgrain finishes that provide the appearance of wood-frame windows without all the high-maintenance hassles that wood requires. It’s also possible to purchase vinyl replacement windows that are highly durable and energy-efficient, which means they can beautify your home and protect it against the strong winds and hot summers we often experience in this area for decades to come.

To get high-quality vinyl windows selected specifically with the needs of Newport Beach, CA, homeowners in mind, you’ll want to turn to Ameriside. Our Palmer Windows are ENERGY STAR® certified to provide you with confidence that they meet industry and government standards for energy efficiency. The fusion-welded vinyl frames and sashes will stand up to the natural elements we experience in this area with no need for repainting – ever. Plus, both the frames and the glass are designed for easy cleaning.

You’ll also enjoy multiple options for customizing your windows, such as:

  • Patterned glass that can add a touch of flair to the look of your home or meet your need for privacy
  • Extra features that will increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of outside noise that penetrates your home’s indoor areas
  • The addition of a special glass coating that will allow dirt to rinse away with water, so you’ll rarely have to wash your windows

In addition to Palmer Windows, Ameriside offers professional installation of vinyl windows from other leading manufacturers in the industry. All of the windows we install come with a lifetime product warranty, plus a five-year workmanship warranty, and that’s an exceptional level of protection for your investment.

To learn more about the vinyl windows available for installation on your home in the Newport Beach, CA, area by Ameriside, contact us today. We’ll be happy to tell you about the available PACE program options, and other attractive financing opportunities we have available for qualified homeowners.

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