Top Pros and Cons of Elastomeric Paint

The advantages of elastomeric paint include its durability, waterproofing capabilities, breathability, energy efficiency, and elasticity. The paint is resistant to cracks, fading, and peeling, and forms waterproof membrane protection. It allows moisture to escape, preventing mold growth, and helps regulate temperature, leading to energy savings. Additionally, the paint can expand and contract with the surface, … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Applying Elastomeric Paint

Elastomeric paint is a highly durable and waterproof coating. It provides a great option for outdoor surfaces exposed to the elements. You might wonder how to apply elastomeric paint. Unlike traditional oil or latex paints, elastomeric paint can return to its original shape and size after being stretched or compressed. This article will provide tips … Read more

What Makes an Elastomeric Paint Brand Best for Your Home?

Did you know many consider elastomeric paint the best exterior paint for your home? Rest assured, elastomeric paint is extremely durable and offers long-lasting resilience from harsh weather conditions. To be more precise, this paint is resistant to heat, sunlight, harsh weather, rain, heavy wind, and cold. This elastomeric paint is so tough and rigid … Read more

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