Insulated Siding: Energy Efficiency and Green Living

Putting technology to work for you. Siding that combines the look and beauty of wood, with energy-saving and low maintenance.  Our solid core or insulated siding includes sturdy foam insulation that is fused behind a siding panel. This foam is engineered to improve your home’s thermal performance and keep moisture out, so the insulation fills the gap between the siding and your home which reduces heating and cooling costs, resulting in maximized energy efficiency. Additionally, insulated siding delivers an R-value rating that surpasses most home exterior cladding in the market.


Insulated siding stands up to harsh elements, whether it be extreme heat or cold. Since it has a rigid foam backing that is contoured to the siding exterior surface, it will not dent, sag, or warp. Plus, it’s 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement, wind-resistant up to 200 mph, and reduces outside noise by up to 45%, yay! In addition, it is also breathable, letting moisture escape, which protects against mold and mildew. Insulated siding also contains a built-in pest control ingredient that deters termites. In addition, your new siding comes with a lifetime limited warranty for your home.


Also, with a hand-milled cedar finish and a variety of colors and textures, insulated siding appeals to many aesthetic tastes. Therefore, whether you choose light, earthy colors or bright colors, or the new dark espresso, insulated siding will give your home lasting curb appeal.

After installation of insulated solid core vinyl siding.

Ameriside installs:

MasticCedar RidgeRoyal, and CertainTeed

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