Beautiful House Siding from Ameriside Can Provide Long-Lasting Protection for Your Home in San Clemente, CA

What type of siding is best for a house in San Clemente, California? Homeowners in this area enjoy a moderate climate with low humidity and few extremes in temperature, although the summers can be quite warm. That makes vinyl house siding the cladding of choice for homeowners in this part of the Golden State. Particularly when you choose high-quality, insulated vinyl siding that’s professionally installed by Ameriside, you can enjoy the utmost energy efficiency and long-lasting curb appeal for your home. Vinyl siding also has become one of the most popular residential cladding materials in America because of its affordability and low-maintenance requirements.

Ameriside offers professional installation of vinyl house siding from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Cedar Ridge Siding, Exterior Portfolio, Alside, Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem, and others. Our wide selection of premium vinyl siding means we can offer many choices in colors and styles to homeowners in San Clemente, CA, and neighboring communities. No matter which siding your house receives from Ameriside, it will come with:

  • A professional installation by technicians who have been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute, which will provide you with confidence that your siding will be properly installed and perform as advertised from Day One
  • High resistance to strong winds, flying debris so you’ll feel that your home is well protected from the elements
  • A lifetime transferable warranty that is among the best protection for your investment that you’ll find in the industry

In addition, the house siding available from Ameriside needs no more maintenance than an occasional washing with soap and water. Plus, when you choose insulated siding from Ameriside, you’ll also enjoy energy-efficient protection for your home that can help you reduce your cooling costs in the summer.

Ameriside also is a registered HERO contractor, which means your investment in an energy-efficient, low-maintenance upgrade through our company may be eligible for special financing terms available to qualified homeowners who meet HERO program requirements.

To find out more about the beautiful house siding options available from Ameriside for installation on your home in San Clemente, CA, contact us today.

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