Exterior Wall Coatings Can Provide Long-Lasting Protection for Homes in the Trabuco Canyon, CA, Area

Many homeowners are turning to elastomeric exterior wall coatings for the ultimate combination of long-lasting beauty, reliable protection against the elements, and improved energy efficiency for their homes. In the Trabuco Canyon, California, area, Ameriside is the company to partner with for one of these remarkable exterior house coatings because we’ve been providing expert applications of elastomeric coatings in this part of the Golden State for many years.

The elastomeric house coatings we provide to homeowners in Trabuco Canyon, CA, and neighboring communities are manufactured by Life Paint Company, a longtime manufacturer of top exterior wall coatings that are recognized as some of the best in the industry. These coatings are formulated to outlast traditional house paint by decades, and they also provide superior protection because they stretch to seal the tiny cracks in a home’s surface and prevent water infiltration.

Some of the other reasons you’ll want to consider an elastomeric coating from Ameriside for your home are:

  • Energy efficiency – The heat-reflective properties of the exterior coatings available from our company help protect your home’s interior from solar heat, and that may lead to lower home cooling costs for you.
  • Low maintenance requirements – The elastomeric coatings we install need only an occasional rinse with your garden hose to stay looking beautiful.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Our elastomeric house coatings are available in just about any color of the spectrum, and you can also have texturing added to give your home the look of stucco that’s so popular in this area.

To find out more about why elastomeric exterior wall coatings are a superior alternative to traditional house paint for homeowners in the Trabuco Canyon, CA, area, contact Ameriside today. Our company is also a registered HERO contractor, which means your exterior home upgrade may qualify for the attractive financing terms available to qualified homeowners through the HERO program.

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