The Exterior Wall Coatings Available from Ameriside Offer Enduring Beauty & Protection for Homes in the San Clemente, CA, Area

The exterior wall coatings available from Ameriside offer an ideal alternative to traditional house paint for homeowners in the San Clemente, California, area. Many homeowners have invested their hard-earned dollars in exterior house paint, only to watch it crack and peel within a few years of application. That won’t happen when you choose Ameriside to professionally apply a beautiful elastomeric exterior coating from Life Paint Company to your home.

These elastomeric coatings are specially formulated to last for decades and to stand up to weather conditions such as those we experience in San Clemente, CA, and surrounding communities. These coatings are also highly energy-efficient because they’re formulated to reflect solar heat. This means these exterior wall coatings help homes retain comfortable indoor temperatures with less reliance on home cooling systems, and that can help lower a homeowner’s monthly energy bills.

Other great reasons to partner with Ameriside for a professionally applied elastomeric coating for your home include:

  • Superior protection – Unlike traditional paint, an elastomeric coating will stretch to seal the tiny cracks in your home’s surface and protect your home from water infiltration that could eventually lead to structural damage.
  • Color and texture versatility – You can get one of these durable exterior wall coatings in just about any color of the spectrum, and you can also opt for texturing that will give your home’s exterior the look of stucco.
  • Exceptional warranty protection – Your investment in an elastomeric coating from Ameriside will be covered for as long as you own your home.

Moreover, because Ameriside is able to provide PACE financing, your investment in an energy-efficient home upgrade may be eligible for the attractive terms available to qualified homeowners through the PACE financing program.

To find out more about the exterior wall coatings available from Ameriside for homes in San Clemente, CA, contact us today.

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