Ameriside Has the Best Exterior Wall Coatings for Homes in Lake Forest, CA & Surrounding Communities

The beautiful exterior wall coatings available from Ameriside can transform homes into neighborhood showplaces, and chances are you’ve seen these coatings at work in the neighborhoods of Lake Forest and surrounding California communities. They provide a vibrant and fresh look that doesn’t fade or chip the way ordinary house paint does, even after decades of standing up to Mother Nature. Plus, we can add texturing to give a home that stucco look that’s so popular in this area.

But the exterior wall coatings we professionally apply to homes in the Lake Forest, CA, area provide so much more than long-lasting beauty. Here are some of best reasons to choose an elastomeric coating from Ameriside over traditional house paint:

Sharp looking replacement window
  • It’s made by Life Paint, a company that’s earned a reputation for producing highly durable, top-quality products during its more than 50 years in the exterior wall coatings industry.
  • It’s infused with proprietary Cool Life heat reflective technology that will deflect the sun’s radiant heat away from your home so that the indoor areas will stay cooler with less assistance from your cooling system. And that will not only conserve natural resources – it may also help you save money on your home cooling costs.
  • It’s available in just about any color you can think of, which means you can customize the look of your home to suit your personal tastes or to match your neighborhood’s ambiance.
  • It provides superior protection against potentially damaging water infiltration because it’s made to stretch and seal the tiny cracks that typically develop in exterior surface areas over time.

What’s more, when you have an elastomeric coating applied to your home by Ameriside, you’ll receive warranty protection that will last as long as you own it.

The friendly staff at Ameriside will be happy to schedule a free consultation about the advantages of our exterior wall coatings and provide you with a free estimate for your home in the Lake Forest, CA, area. Contact us today to learn more. We’ll also be glad to discuss your potential eligibility for Renovate America HERO/Benji program financing for this type of home upgrade.

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