Elastomeric Paint Is the Ultra-Durable Exterior House Coating that Will Make Your Home the Envy of Your Neighbors in the San Clemente, CA, Area

The beauty of elastomeric paint is immediately apparent the moment it’s applied to the exterior of a home. And you can enjoy that fresh look, as well as the compliments of neighbors, for years to come when you have an elastomeric coating professionally applied by Ameriside to the exterior of your home in San Clemente or a neighboring California community. The practically endless selection of vibrant colors available for your elastomeric paint coating, as well as options for texturing, will ensure that you can choose the eye-catching look that’s perfect for your southern California home.

Less obvious but equally important, however, will be the long-lasting and superior protection for your home that will result from choosing elastomeric paint instead of a traditional paint product. Unlike many traditional paint products, the Lifetime Plus elastomeric coating available from Ameriside won’t chip and peel after a few years of exposure to sun, wind, and rain. It’s formulated to last for decades. Plus, when you partner with Ameriside for a professional application of this exceptional elastomeric paint to your home in the San Clemente, CA, area, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • Superior protection of your home’s exterior that results from the special stretching capabilities of Lifetime Plus, which seals the tiny surface cracks that can allow potentially damaging water infiltration
  • The possibility of savings on your home’s cooling costs because of the patented Cool Life™ technology that reflects solar heat from your home
  • Low-maintenance requirements that mean an occasional rinse with the garden hose is all that’s needed to keep the elastomeric paint on your home looking beautiful

What’s more, when you choose the highly trained professionals at Ameriside to apply an elastomeric coating to your house, you’ll receive warranty protection that will last as long as you own it.

To find out how you can obtain the outstanding beauty and protection of elastomeric paint for your home in San Clemente, CA, contact Ameriside today. We’ll be happy to schedule a free, in-home consultation for you, as well as tell you about the options for financing – including the possibility of Renovate America HERO/Benji program financing – that we have available for qualified homeowners.

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