Why Elastomeric Paint is the House Coating of Choice for Homeowners in Mission Viejo, CA & the Surrounding Communities

The exceptional durability of elastomeric paint has made it a smart investment, particularly for homes in Mission Viejo, California, which are subject to the air quality restrictions governing southern California. Many homeowners who have invested in traditional paint products since the regulations took effect have been dismayed to see paint peeling off the walls only a few years after it was applied. That won’t happen when you choose Ameriside to apply a top-caliber elastomeric paint product to your home.

The elastomeric coatings we offer are manufactured by Life Paint Company, a leader in the industry, and they’re formulated to last a lifetime. They offer all the versatility of traditional exterior house paint, which means you can customize the look of your home in the Mission Viejo, CA, area with your choice of color and even texturing. What’s more, elastomeric paint not only outlasts but also outperforms traditional house paint in many ways, including these:

  • Superior protection – Unlike traditional paint, elastomeric coatings stretch to seal and protect the small cracks that occur in a home’s exterior surfaces, thus preventing water infiltration and the potential damage that could result.
  • Energy efficiency – The elastomeric paint available from Ameriside contains heat-reflective ingredients that help shield your home from the sun’s rays and keep the indoors comfortable with less reliance on your HVAC system. That not only conserves natural resources but may also save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • No-fuss maintenance requirements – This product resists mildew, cracking, fading, flaking, and peeling, which means you can spend more time on recreational pursuits instead of worrying about your home’s exterior.
  • Eligibility for PACE program financing – Your selection of elastomeric paint applied by Ameriside, could be eligible for attractive financing terms available to qualified homeowners under this innovative program.

For more information and to schedule a free in-home consultation how an elastomeric paint application by Ameriside can provide lasting protection and enhance the curb appeal of your home in Mission Viejo, CA, or a neighboring community, contact us today.

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