Why Is Elastomeric Coating a Better Choice than Traditional Paint for Homes in Santa Ana, CA?

Elastomeric coating products have become increasingly popular in the Santa Ana, California, area in the wake of government regulations that limit the amount of volatile organic compounds allowed in paint. Manufacturers of traditional paint have struggled to provide long-wearing products that can meet the most recent standards, and thus many homeowners have invested in painting their houses, only to see the paint flake and peel after two or three years. That won’t happen with the elastomeric coating products available from Ameriside.

We take pride in providing homeowners near Santa Ana, CA, and surrounding communities with professional application of Lifetime Plus Stretch-Guard® coatings that not only outlast traditional house paint but also provide superior protection and energy efficiency. Some of the advantages of choosing this elastomeric coating over paint include:

  • Better protection against water infiltration – An elastomeric coating will stretch to seal tiny cracks in your home’s exterior surface and thus prevent potential damage from moisture exposure.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency – Lifetime Plus coatings incorporate Cool Life™ heat-reflective technology that helps reduce the amount of solar heat that penetrates your home. This means you may need to run your cooling system less, and you might save money on your indoor cooling costs.
  • Long-lasting warranty protection – Your investment in an exterior wall coating from Ameriside will be covered as long as you own your home.

Lifetime Plus coatings also come in a nearly limitless selection of colors, plus the option of adding the stucco texturing that’s popular in this part of the state.

What’s more, Ameriside offers Renovate America financing. That means your Lifetime Plus home upgrade from Ameriside may be eligible for special HERO/Benji financing terms available to qualified homeowners. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation about the advantages of our elastomeric coating for your home near Santa Ana, CA. We’ll also be glad to discuss the many attractive financing options we have available for qualified homeowners.

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