An Elastomeric Coating from Ameriside Is the Exterior Protection You Need for Your Home in the Newport Beach, CA, Area

An exterior elastomeric coating from Ameriside is an excellent choice for homeowners in Newport Beach, California, who are fed up with fast-peeling paint products. When you partner with Ameriside to have your home’s exterior protected by an innovative elastomeric heat reflective cool wall coating, you’ll enjoy all of the vibrant colors that are available with traditional house paint, but with exceptional durability that’s ideal for our southern California climate.

The Lifetime Plus Stretch-Guard™ elastomeric coating that we professionally apply to homes in Newport Beach, CA, and surrounding communities is manufactured by Life Paint Company, which has been a pioneer in the field of specialty coatings since 1963. This coating is not only specially formulated to last for decades, no matter what weather conditions Mother Nature inflicts, but it also stretches to seal tiny cracks in a home’s surface areas. This will help protect your home from premature deterioration as a result of water infiltration. Some of the other attractive features of this product include:

  • Energy efficiency – The elastomeric coating available from Ameriside is solar-reflective, which will help keep your home’s indoor temperatures comfortable with less demand on your HVAC system and could potentially help lower your home cooling costs.
  • Easy upkeep – Only an occasional wash with soap and water will keep this elastomeric coating looking beautiful, which means you’ll have more time to devote to leisure activities instead of home maintenance.
  • Adaptability to aesthetic preferences – This coating is available in just about any color you can name, and you can also have texturing added to it so that your home can sport that stucco look that’s popular in this area.

What’s more, Lifetime Plus comes with a warranty that’s good for as long as you own your home.

Ameriside offers Renovate America, HERO & Benji financing. When we professionally apply this energy-efficient elastomeric coating to your home in or near Newport Beach, CA, your investment may be eligible for the special financing terms available to qualified homeowners through these programs. We also have other attractive financings available to qualified homeowners. For more information, contact Ameriside today.

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