An Elastomeric Coating from Ameriside is the Long-Lasting Alternative to Paint for Your Home in Laguna Beach, CA

An exterior elastomeric coating from Ameriside is the perfect solution for homeowners in Laguna Beach and surrounding California communities who are tired of having to repaint their homes every few years when the paint starts to peel and fade. When you choose Ameriside to help you protect and beautify your home’s exterior, you’ll receive an expert professional application of an elastomeric coating that’s ideally formulated to stand up to the elements we experience in this area. It will not only hold its vibrant appearance far longer than traditional paint products, but it will also provide your home with energy-efficient protection that can save you money and help conserve vital natural resources.

That’s because the Lifetime Plus Stretch-Guard elastomeric coating that Ameriside offers homeowners in Laguna Beach, CA, is scientifically designed to be a heat reflective paint, bouncing the heat from the sun away from your home. This helps your indoor areas remain at a comfortable temperature with less reliance on your air conditioning system, and that can potentially lower your monthly energy bills.

Some of the other features of this superior coating product include:

  • Stretching capability – Unlike paint, a Lifetime Plus exterior coating will stretch to seal and protect any tiny cracks in your home’s exterior surfaces, which can help prevent potential damage from water infiltration.
  • Easy upkeep – The elastomeric coating available from Ameriside resists dirt, peeling, and chipping. It rarely needs more than a rinse with the hose to stay vibrant and beautiful, so you’ll have more time to spend enjoying your favorite pastimes instead of worrying about keeping your home’s exterior clean.
  • Aesthetic options – Ameriside can match this coating to just about any color you have in mind, plus add texturing for homeowners who want the look of stucco.

What’s more, this elastomeric coating comes with exceptional warranty protection that lasts as long as you own your home.

For additional information about having a beautiful, long-lasting, and energy-efficient elastomeric coating applied to your home by the professionals at Ameriside, contact us today. We’ll be happy to tell you about the attractive financing terms we have for qualified homeowners in Laguna Beach, CA, including PACE programs like HERO/Benji financing for energy-efficient upgrades like our exterior coating.

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