Your Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Right Vinyl Siding Colors For Your Home

When it comes to siding a home or business, vinyl siding is one of the most popular materials used in America. Due to its many benefits such as longevity, durability, and affordability, vinyl siding is an excellent option for many people. When choosing vinyl siding colors make sure you have a siding company you can trust.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to color. As such, choosing the right one is important. The color you choose will be on your home for many years. It’s important to make sure you will enjoy your choice for years to come. If you’re in the process of choosing a color for your home’s vinyl siding, look no further. Read on for our tips on how to choose the best vinyl siding colors for you.

Personal Expression

The color of your vinyl siding is an expression of your personality. Additionally, it’s a feature that will grab the attention of any visitor or passerby. Confronting an expansive choice of colors may feel overwhelming. Think about which colors bring you joy. Think of this as an opportunity to express yourself.

Color Palette

Create a color palette for your home’s exterior. For example, if you live in a coastal region, you might opt for stone and blue shades. Use these on your window frames, your doors, your roof, and, of course, your vinyl siding. Tying the whole house together with one cohesive color scheme is often aesthetically pleasing. 

Think It Over

Take your time when making your decision. When you feel yourself drawn to color, imagine how it will look in your home. It is important to take the time to consider your options, especially with a decision so large. If you have any reservations about a color, pause and sit with the possibility for a bit longer. When you feel sure of your choice, it will be safe to proceed. 

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You may wish to consider the placement of your vinyl siding when selecting a color. Some opt to cover the entire house in one color. Others may use some panels on just one section or story of the home. If the vinyl siding is to be used as an accent, brighter and bolder colors may be more pleasing. When covering the entire house in vinyl siding, it may be wise to go for something more muted. Then again, maybe not. It all comes down to your personal preference.


The size of your home may play a role in your decision-making process. As a rule, lighter colors make structures look larger. On the other hand, darker colors can make a space seem smaller. If you’d like your home to look larger, consider a lighter color palette. If you prefer a more minimizing effect, a darker color may be right for you. 


Do your neighbors have vinyl siding? If they do, what color is it? Is there a lot of greenery around the home? These questions will help you to choose a color that contrasts well with your surroundings.


Different kinds of lighting can affect the look of a color. For this reason, it’s a good idea to view sample panels in outside light at different points during the day. As the light moves throughout the day, the coloring of the panels may appear differently. It’s important to be aware of how they look at all times to ensure you are happy with the color.

Up To You

Of course, the ultimate decision will depend on your preference. Once you have selected the right color that’s right for you, contact us at Ameriside. Our award-winning service will make your vinyl siding dreams come true.

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