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What Makes an Elastomeric Paint Brand Best for Your Home?

man painting the house siding

A lot of people think elastomeric paint is the way to go for your home’s exterior. And you can trust that it’s super durable and holds up really well against all kinds of tough weather conditions. It’s got serious long-lasting resilience.

This elastomeric paint is seriously tough stuff. It’s resistant to just about everything – heat, sun, crazy weather, rain, wind, cold, you name it. It’s so rigid and durable that it can basically offer 100% protection for the outside of your home. And the best part is, it’s super versatile too. You can use it on all kinds of surfaces – masonry, concrete, wood, doesn’t matter. So if you want an exterior paint that’s going to hold up no matter what, elastomeric is definitely the way to go.

Want to know more about this super tough exterior paint? Curious what makes the elastomeric paint the best for your home? Well, check this out – here are the top 4 big advantages of elastomeric paint:


This is the biggest benefit of elastomeric coating. It creates a secure, tough, and watertight coating. This watertight coating is so secure that it protects the exterior of your house from dampness and moisture.


Compared to any regular paints, the elastomeric coating can be up to ten times thicker. That means that this paint does not require multiple coats which, in turn, makes it more cost-effective. For example, just two coats of elastomeric paint on top of a good-quality primer will protect your exteriors for a long time.

Compatible with Various Surfaces

Elastomeric coating layers can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as stucco, masonry, roofs, floors, concrete, wood, metal, and brick. It can also be used to fill cracks. For example, stucco surfaces and T-111 siding with multiple cracks can be easily filled efficiently with an elastomeric coating.

The elastomeric coating will fill these imperfections so that water can’t penetrate. Coating the surfaces prevents further peeling.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Elastomeric paint is extremely durable and long-lasting. It’s much tougher and stronger than other types of paint. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and protect exteriors from sunlight, rain, wind, and cold.

After learning about the top 4 big advantages, you’ll probably want to go with elastomeric paint for your next project. You can trust it’s the best exterior paint to really protect the outside of your house. And on top of using it on the walls, you can also coat roofs and floors with this super tough, versatile paint.

If you want to use elastomeric paint for your home, it’s really important to hire experienced, skilled painters. This type of paint has a different makeup and properties compared to regular paints, so an inexperienced painter could apply it unevenly or make it look lumpy.

When you’re ready to do an elastomeric paint project, be sure to contact a professional. At Ameriside, our skilled technicians can help you out and make sure your elastomeric paint application turns out great, so you’ll be happy with it for years to come.