Artificial Turf Installation: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Are you tired of a dull green lawn? Do you wish to create a beautiful outdoor oasis without the hassle of constant maintenance? Look no further than artificial turf installation. It offers numerous benefits that transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor space. First and foremost, artificial turf is low maintenance. Spend more time enjoying … Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Insulated Siding

Energy Saving Properties

When you choose insulated vinyl siding, theoretically, you add an extra blanket to your home in the winter and sunscreen in the summer. As a result, your energy consumption drops, and so does your energy bill! You can also use insulated siding in combination with vinyl windows for additional savings. Insulated vinyl siding is also recognized as home insulation by numerous energy efficiency programs, including the Hero program in California.

Vinyl insulated siding was also included in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code as a material that is used as continuous insulation. It is outside the building framing to provide total wall R-value for buildings.

Green Environmental Option

While it may seem counterintuitive to mention, vinyl siding is approved by all major green building programs. In BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) testing for life cycle impact, vinyl siding outperformed every other widely used cladding material except cedar, and only when left untreated. This is not a realistic state for cedar, as it will stain, rot and fade during its lifespan. On the other hand, vinyl siding is a permanent solution that remains undamaged. Vinyl siding also ranked higher than brick and fiber cement products such as Hardie Board, which scored among the worst environmental options.

Virtually No Maintenance & a Lifetime Warranty

Unlike traditional cladding materials, vinyl solid-core siding never needs painting! There is never a need to caulk, tuckpoint, or seal. The color pigmentation goes all the way through the vinyl material. It is tough, in addition to being scratch and dent resistant. If you did manage to scratch or gouge, it the color would remain original! The warranty for vinyl siding also covers color fading. Vinyl also requires little maintenance and cleaning up like new with soap and water. Did we also mention that it looks great?

When considering what type of cladding option, there’s no better investment for your home than vinyl siding. Follow us on Facebook

Whole House Fans

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Super Affordable Vinyl Window With Lifetime Warranty

At some point, virtually all homeowners will need to install replacement windows. Some important facts to consider are price, how long will they last, and whether will they save energy. Ameriside features the Palmer Window series, designed with the highest quality engineering and unsurpassed energy efficiency. Our vinyl windows are super affordable and pay for … Read more

Maximizing Energy Efficiency: The Advantages of Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

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Revamp Your Home with Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Vinyl Windows: Silencing Noise and Enhancing Comfort

Minimizing the outside noise in indoor spaces and ensuring a peaceful environment where people can relax, work and function effectively is essential. One effective solution for reducing outside noise and increasing comfort in homes is vinyl windows. Noise pollution is a growing concern that threatens human health and well-being. The World Health Organization (WHO) discusses … Read more

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