Signs it’s time to upgrade to energy efficient Vinyl replacement windows.


7 SIGNS IT’S TIME TO REPLACE YOUR WINDOWS, let’s explore. As homeowners, it would be ideal for our old windows to last forever, but unfortunately to protect the structural integrity of our homes and our investment it is sometimes inescapable to make necessary upgrades. You may be wondering if it is time to replace or update your old windows? 


  1. Does it feel drafty of hot or cold air? A draft is an indication that you have a problem. The hot air of summer and the cold air of winter should not enter through your closed windows. Replacing weather stripping is always a good idea but should be considered a temporary fix. The seals around sash wear over time and need replacing. If you are feeling drafts with each season, it is time to contact Ameriside and look into replacing your windows.


  1. Your window sills have peeling paint and some splitting or rot. Degradation many time begins at the sill. If you see peeling paint and splitting or cracking wood, this allows moisture to saturate the wood causing wood rot. Window sills with rotten wood become more costly to repair and can result in structural issues. Also, wood rot often attracts wood-destroying insects such as termites. To avert further pricey repairs, it is imperative that you make any necessary repairs and consider replacing damaged windows.


  1. Your windows are difficult to open and close or have locking issues. Windows that are painted or nailed shut are a potential safety hazard and could prevent your family from exiting your home safely during a fire or other emergency. They should open, close, and lock with ease. Plus they should also stay open on their own. The mechanism that keeps a window open is called the balance. When the balance no longer works, your windows become potentially dangerous. If they are not working properly, it is time to contact Ameriside and discuss replacing them.


  1. You see light coming in from under your window sill. When it is closed, there should not be any light coming through at the sill or around the casing. A good rule is that where light enters, other objectionable such as water, drafts, insects and even rodents can enter as well! If you are seeing gaps in the framing, you really should consider new replacement windows


  1. You have condensation between your window panes. Double- pane glass contains a layer of air or inert gas in between the pane that allows the window to better insulate your home. If you notice condensation developing in between the glass panes or likewise you notice a film between the panes, they are no longer insulating as they should.


  1. Your energy bill is excessive. Inefficient glass inevitably leads to a more costly energy bill year round. Upgrading to new, energy-efficient options like our LoE366, for example, will pay for themselves by lowering your heating and cooling costs.


  1. Your windows are unsightly. The facts are if you’re they are chipped, cracked, broken, and/or missing hardware it’s probably time to replace them. New replacements can help you transform your everyday spaces into your treasured places! Did I get you thinking about replacing your windows? Still unsure if it’s really worth the investment? Well if you act now, we have some amazing incentives including windows installed with zero out of pocket, 0%APR and no payments for at least 6 months OAC. 
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